Your love

your love is liek a powerful bind

that holds my heart together

the love you give me is a bridge

that noone can tear down

I give you my heart to hold and keep

All i ask is you guide it to true love

you take my heart by the hand

show it the love Ive Yearned for

My heart is fragile as the state its in

I hope you can mend this heart show it the light

give it the love and affection ive been longing for

I hand you the key  

I give you all my heart so i can feel

your touch, your love, your care

I promise to give you my all

I wil mend your broken heart

I hold my hand here to express my love

I will be faithful and love you

to the depths of my soul

your all i need and i love you for that

your love, your embrace I will be yours

Always and forever

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is to my bf josh I love him hes so amazeing

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