He was...

He was there.

Even when I thought I was alone.

He never left.

He stood by my side when everything was against me.

He held my hand

Even though I never felt it.

He was there.

He was there.

In my darkest moments, he was the light.

The light that was blown out

By all the chaos that was flooding in around me.

He kissed my check

Even though I never knew it.

He was there.

He was there.

Even when I felt broken.

He never let go.

He whispered into my ear when everything was disappearing.

He pulled me into an embrace

Even though I never wanted it.

He was there.

He was there.

In my disastrous situations, he was the hope.

The hope that quickly faded

By all the persuasive doubt filling my head.

He wiped my tears

Even though I never acknowledged it.

He was there.

He was gone.

I let him slip away.

The one thing that held me to this earth

Without ever letting me float astray.

He was my life line.

The line that disconnected.

He remained silent

Even though I needed him.

He let his fingers fall

Even though I felt him.

He let my tears flow

Even though I cried harder.

He pushed me away.

Even though I wanted closer.


He was gone.

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