Nightmare Entry

I open my eyes to gaze upon the terrain that lays itself in front of me. The ground composed of many different rocks, but all the exact size and shape. There's a man lighting a cigarette and playing the violin, in which the violin is actually his unborn son. I question as to how I obtained the knowledge so quickly and already 10 seconds in I recognize myself in a dream. A new record for me, I have grasped that this place is indeed not reality but what I perceive it to be. I open the rusted gates in front, laughing a bit to myself about how cliché that is. I start walking down a pathway that has no firm grounding, just a sidewalk in mid-air. I glance to the sides every so often as to see if anything has changed but to my grimace, none. I'm walking down a sidewalk in a pitch black area where there is no other ground around or below me and all of a sudden I see a golden spider in front of me. My natural instinct makes quick work of the spider, and relieves me of stress to know there are no danger colors present on this specimen. I bend down a second to examine it a bit closer only to realize this spider has aggressive demeanor and hastily attacks me. One bite and it's gone. I clench the area of the bite almost immediately and a burning sensation follows. I regain my composure and sort of lose myself to the dream, in the sense that I am now in a town with a population of 82, or so the sign says. My bite is non-existent yet the burning sensation still resumes. I walk forward and after 4 paces I am face to face with a giant head. The head floats and looks lifeless, I try to observe the facial structures and other characteristics to see if it matches to anyone I know but to no avail. The left side of the face starts to melt off leaving the head with nothing but half a face and what appears to be melted wax and blood. The head vanishes; I quickly turn around to view what appears to be a faceless man. He stabs me. Grabbing onto my sides, hoping that by squeezing my ribs the immense pain in my upper torso will go away, I start to run after him. He knocks me down with his cane and rips off my lips, giving him my jagged smile. I try to work my brain, and go back to where this all went wrong and the better solution to the events when I am brought back to life by the ringing of an alarm. I scowl at the alarm, and go about my day.

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