No more of this. No more consistent failure. I have tore apart the old me I am a fucking angry person. I am tired of all the same bullshit that I see. I want my anger to be a flame I want people to be drawn to my fire and to keep it going. As the next generation we really fucked up. We like to impersonate gangstersand shoot each other, cut ourselves to cry out for attention, and just plain look pathetic. Chances are if you're any of the above two you already are pathetic. I'm angry with the way things turned out. It seems growing up in Spryfield makes you a terrible person now, hell most of Nova Scotia actually. This place used to be a wonderful place. It seems quite frankly that as I grew up so did the crimes. When I was younger throwing rocks at cars was the thing, petty vandilism. I grew a bit older and soon drugs became the thing. I was a bit younger when I noticed it start to hit big but also too young to care. Then came the fighting. I'm not talking about the gradeschool "lets see whos tougher" fighting, I'm talking about the "if you beat my ass I'll get my entire crew after you" fighting. Everything now is some kind of fight to dispute and I'm sick and tired of just watching it go on. How much more stupider are the reasons going to get to start a fight just to show off some muscle? I don't know, but I do know this. At least I'm going to make something of myself once I get out of here.

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