Dried Eyes


Here I am, sitting alone on my throne back where Alec was slowly diving back into the world of drugs and watching people throw their lives away, one difference is that I'm one of them now. Am I anywhere near as close as Alec? No. Proud of that too, but I'm still pretty bad that I'm getting sick a lot lately so I up my medications in everything. It's one in the morning and I want to drill into my brain to extract some more knowledge but I don't want to injure myself with all these thoughts so I best keep it in the back of my mind. Please ladies and gentlemen let me dry my eyes for Alec for there are a few things that I must address, I wouldn't classify this as a poem or a short story but it's something I have to write to get out there. I'm not a person I'm a creature. I live purely for the thrill of life, I like to spice things up and make emotions  useless. I'm an anti-emo, if you will. I once wanted to make something big to allow everyone to feel something but now I'm not of the same perspectives, no I want people to be emotionless I want everything to be as the way they're intended to be. Our minds create these simple little images, some people like to get creative and spark a little tune in their brains to go along with the images, like a musical picture show. No matter what you do with it you're still just imagining it. That's right. Imagining. For obvious reasons these things you imagine are real, but at the same time they are not. The way they are is real, the way you look, hear, smell, taste, and feel them are not. Example, you see bob walking towards you. Bob has an interesting composure and has an awkward expression on his face. Now this can go down many possible roads depending on your mind. Bob owes you money but he also let you live with him for 5 years, not to mention his mom just died and you've just recently became blind so you have no way to automatically tell if it's bob or not unless he says hello to you first. See all that I just wrote? Garbage. Different scenarios though are very misleading, see bob to one person can be a wonderful or to another, he can be a bitter asshole. It's funny how we potray these images to make sense of something like a chemical reaction of sorts. Anger is the first logical option for most men, we observe something we don't understand we get frusterated and lash out, I don't know how it goes for women and I'm not feeling presumptuous at this very moment. But anyways this isn't really going anywhere I just wanted to make some observations about life.

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