The Sweetest Monster You'll Ever Know

She is a queen in the making

Or a garden that needs raking

She's the bell of the ball

She's better then them all

She is royalty without the crown

And Jennifer Aniston without a frown

Speaks of what is on her mind

Possess' eyes that can blind

Shes my sidekick, but she's also sassy

Fiery personality, yet is still classy

A child at heart and a lady in shape

A super woman without cowl and cape

A few ways to describe her, and many more

She can make you feel good, like never before

She's funny, likeable, sweet and nice

And has a body that could melt ice

She's a refreshing beverage on a hot day

She's cunning enough to get her way

She's a CEO with cutting heels

A girl who writes what she feels

She's beautiful like a movie star

More fun then a chick at a bar

She know how to help wounds mend

And I'm glad that I am her friend.

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