Ever get the feeling you've found out something relevant, something that goes through the minds of everyone at least once in a particular notion? I have these all the time, I'm starting to worry if I lost my mind to myself because these days I find that I am more focused when I am not behaving like I normally do. When I am out of my own mind I know everything almost. I can sense the emotions of people greater then usual. Your mind becomes like a few simple words in a dictionary of encasing all the hidden fears, secrets, and information. I don't know if the words I write right now are even true, how can I tell if these mean exactly what I think they mean, with all this sleep deprivation and constant energy drink rushes to get me through the day it must be killing my brain to work under situations like these. Maybe that's what it really is, all the non-sensical things I do and say just catching up with me in a deep and meaningful expression of words. It's meant for me and only me to understand everything I've written on my own level, you can read all these writings too it's not meaning you won't understand them, it's just that you won't interpret them the way I would or analyze them in the manner that I do. My view is getting blurry and I want to pass out but I gotta keep writing this because it's very important and you know it is. I was getting somewhere with this. I could go up and find out but that would mean I could see it clearly, and obvious that's not going to happen so I'll just keep writing in the hopes that it is found. I could be wrong though, everything that I'm writing could be utter bull-shit I pulled out of my ass and you can think I'm going crazy with all these words and no point but I don't really care, this isn't for you anymore, this is for me. This is my writing to myself for myself. So Shut-up.

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