Same Old


Why does everything seem so pitiful and useless, I hate writing these same words over and over again, I can feel my fingers moving the exact same way as the always do when I get this anger and depression, it aggravates me, where's the happiness? Why the sad words. No one likes reading sad over and over again, who wants to read another sad story, another long tale of people deprived of the things, the people, and the lives they love. Numerous, that's the word that describes the amount of stories floating around about misery, revenge, and unfaithfulness. They're being written on the walls, the roads, the signs, and the back of stalls... Looking for a good time? Wow that certainly gratifies my bathroom break, to actually believe that someone calls a person up from the number on the back of the stall, of course then one has to shudder and try to repress the very thought that someone is desperate enough to call, and the fact that someone else is ever more desperate to write it down. One can just hope that its a prank on a friend. But that's neither here nor there, this isn't about sick jokes or false tales, it's the ones that you hear about every fucking day that just makes you wonder, if we killed all the stupid people in the world for one really stupid thing they've done...exactly how many people would left? I estimate maybe 400. I mean everyone does really stupid fucking things at least once in their life, so forgive and forget, if it's a really fucking ignorant person that persists with agonizing you, why do you even associate? Drop all connections and smarten the fuck up, if it persists then don't consider yourself a rat for getting police involved for fucks sakes, there is a huge difference between ratting out someone for stealing someone and  calling the police for protection because someone abuses you. But as life goes on, I just hope people increase their intelligence just a little bit, cause these are things that are also taught in school too, you just don't care.

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