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Wonderous lights and semi-toned heart beats, leaving a restless sleep and disarraying thoughts. Calm the nerves of the quickened pulse, lust is the epidemic that is now the problem. Kindred people that lack personal sentimates and individual thoughts. Emphasis on the least appropriate matters, just dwell into the subconscious and try to figure out something that never existed before but now lurks beyond the conception of reality and past memories. Entwining false hopes and optimism of the careless person, sit down in your throne, and twiddle to the everyday thoughts just to recognize a pattern of protection from everything you comprehend. Easily amused by bright colors and destruction, make it a personal drama of everyday life. No more soliloquies just prance about the thoughts that come to mind and beat around the bush until the lies are caught and forgotten. Emotion of the faceless doll leaves a troubling idea of how something with no face can ever show something more then just being alive. Blood filled paper and blinding lights that don't have a purpose, what is the meaning to dreaming of nothing? Everything in existance just doesn't have a purpose, it just seems like everyone is so careless to think that friends and love will make the world right, but truthfully, why does it matter? express something that comes occasionally and has no purpose? What if someone gains happyness by killing others....does that mean they should do what makes them happy? What kind of world do we live in...where did everything start to change...what is the purpose of being, and would it really matter all that much if everything just stopped happening? Would anyone care.

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I kinda just wrote nothing...weird.

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