New Breed of Disappointment

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Ha, lets not even speak for my anger is trivial compare to the lack of care in peoples eyes. The smiles they have are so fake, it almost hurts to look at them. They try to leave warm feelings in you but they are cold as ice. Don't feed me fake excuses, Im already bloated enough from the world we live in. My body is crippled from everyone around me, the slander has led me to bleed my blood, and cough up my pitiful memories hoping that we can live like that again, but then the mental blows shatter my mind and I fall yet again. I have completed all of my goals now, I've protected the ones I love from danger, Ive done everything I looked forward to, I have experimented to see all of my options...My purpose is now served. Don't despair out of dead words, this is not a death vow I just prefer not to live at this point. I will not act on my actions but I need to escape all of this pointless living, I need to see life through someone elses eyes. I dont know how but maybe things will look interesting, otherwise I don't think I will stay put any longer.

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I need to look for other ways of life to find the way of life that is acceptable I suppose.

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