Huddling to protect from the dangers of real life. They have no familiarization to the concept of safety. They are looking for something coming straight out of nothing but nothings there, it never was and it never will be. No matter how you view it, nothing is nothing. So why put all the effort into trying to figure out nothing coming straight out of something? Why does all the effort go into protecting the ones they love, only to realize their deepest fears are closer then they think. Don't hide...somethings are inevitable, just let the course of time proceed and take what it needs. Sacrifices must be made to achieve personal havens. There is no one perfect world, there are many different choices that everyone makes as one, or a whole, that decides exactly what paradise is to us. Media influences, goverment restrictions, and every one persons personal reflection of our world. Material possesions, wealth, and power seem to be the aspiration for how we live. The megalomaniacs are the ones who have been victimized by everything we see. They don't have the problems, its everyone else who makes them want it. Everything is so bleak and unfortunate but everyone just goes around and complains about it. Pessimism is the trait of every last one of these people. Pessimism controls our society with an iron fist, and only the optimistic fools can live in ignorant bliss, unaware of everything going around and destroying the society that use to be so much more. When a society is so frightened that they hesitate to help out one an other when they are in danger simply for the fact they have been betrayed in the know our little haven isn't right.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont like society...but maybe someday, things will change.

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