Lying Expressions

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You keep trying to fight temptations in useless situations, hoping to find a solution from an incorrect question. You try and figure out how things have been so strained, why everything seems to go wrong all at once but the only answer you get is a sigh. You try and follow the advice of friends and try to change your opinion to make yourself happy...but really your just dying inside, and your only smiling to hide all the pain. You cant find a way to be happy and everything seems useless. You looked to ones that you loved and find themselves already happy and to bring them this problem would only knock them from the happyness they so rightfully earned so you take to the shadows once again hoping that time will heal the wounds left by life, but these scars are so deep that you can see into your own soul. Everything youve tried in life seems so useless so you let time fade by while you diminish into absolute nothingness and just hide from your problems...but no matter how hard you try the pain is unbearable...and your fighting with all your might but its so hard, you can sturggle but you inevitably succumb to the thoughts of being cant be alone with your thoughts anymore and it drives you insane so you hide in the crowds hoping that they will eventually lessen the impact on themselves. Hopefully one day you can confront the thoughts and pains of your life to change your life to make it the way that you rightfully deserve, but for now..thats a far off dream

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