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Another scenario where the actors take a bow, let the final curtain draw on this shameless little play. The characters are to be killed off, and everything ends in tragedy. Tragedy gives the world what it wants, listening to tales of woes make people realize how good they have it. What happened to being glad for someone...When someone achiveves something amazing, we just let it go like its nothing, but when someone loses a friend, they all give them sympathy? What kind of deranged logic is this, They don't need your sympathy, they need someone to remind them of the good times they have had. Saying sorry is just an excuse to put no effort into anything, just say it and it covers all wounds. Well some people can see right through liars, and nothing better then watching a liar trying to untangle himself from his own web of lies. It gives way more satisfaction then winning money, because although you may have deserved that money, the guy deserved to be caught in his own lies even more, and thats a satisfaction that money cannot buy. The greater the tragedy, the greater the applause. Try and make everything work out in a most disfiguring manner, but don't get caught up and lose faith. That's all that some people do, devote time into making their tragedy seem so much more bigger then it is. I can see right through it, you cannot lie to someone who knows what hes doing. Don't try and cover it up with lies because then you are caught up in a web of lies, and then no one can gain any satisfaction from someone lying to protect someone else...thats when it becomes a tragic irony. No longer will the other actors follow the tale, just try and play along hoping for the best...and the screen fades away.

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Splurge and steal.

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