One Poem Every Day

When people hear 'alone' or 'solitude'

They picture never-ending loneliness.

I find their claims inaccurate and rude,

I must correct their blatant opaqueness.

To be alone, to me, is needed rest
From extroverst who drain me of my spark

And send me down to my black hell, so stressed

From social interaction in the dark.

So solitude is my preferred place

Of residence, so quiet, full of peace.

Think not that I despise a warm embrace

Or I detest when hours about increase.

While I with friends a happy camper be,

A break from life to recharge is my plea. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

5th entry! This was written on August 2, 2014. (well technically, I wrote it at midnight of August 3 but whatever :D) This is also my first attempt at a sonnet. 

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