Why I'm Country

People always ask me, 'what makes you country'?

It's growin up on the farm, helping my pa feed the cows, fix the fences, and clean the horse stalls. Its swimming in the cold creek out back, playing around on the land, and riding Cocoa around. It's coming home everyday to family and a home cooked meal. It's running from the geese and looking after the goats.

It's watchin and momma Clydesdale stay strong after a car accident and eventually give birth to her baby. It's watching her baby grow knowin nothin but the momma, the farm, and our family. It's riding CJ up and down the hills, drinking water from a well and having more animals than fingers and toes.

Even after moving from the farm, it's working hard for what you got and never thinking of yourself better than anyone else. It's having a few beers around a bonfire, it's skinning deer and listening to that old Chris LeDoux cd. It's about saying yes ma'am and yes sir. It's about manners.

It's about faith and God, prayer and praise. Even with life is at its worst.

I show it proudly. I wears my cowboy boots and my cowboy hat. I wear my jeans high and my shirt tucked in. I drive my truck with 'Country Boy Can Survive blaring.

Its watching 8 Seconds at least twice a week, it's eating fly chicken fried, spending time with my family and it's that want deep down to ride that bull.

Being country don't have nothing to do with where you're from and what you do for a living. It's about who are and how you live. It don't matter if you grew up in the sticks or in a big city. Everyone has a little country in them, some ignore it but I embrace it.

I don't care if you like it, I don't care if you don't. All I care about is those closest to me in life. My family, my friends, and that special girl I call my own.

That's what makes me country and fact is, I'm damn proud of it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For those who asked why I'm country.

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