A story to be told

Held down, screams, the smell that last till moring, the smell that can get you in troble with the law, i thought about talking about my pass, well here i go, a voice that i will  never let go, no matter how much i try, the dreams come back, as i wake up in screams, and a wet face, i take a deep breathe not won’ting to see it again, i was only 4 when it happen, i begged not to go back, yet she still left me with them, inside my head, i wonder how she could leave me their in that mess, i rember that bed that i hated so much, wanting to set it on fire, but only at 4 i did not know how to use the lighter, i hid behind a tree till it got so dark i got scared, cause only at 4 i thought way worse then that house, then i got older, still not wainting to even drive down the same road, with everything that happen, i still hate that house.

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