2nd Mistakes

Shame on me again, the same mistake

And I lost another friend

Love is so dangerous, and you could never get away

The same stories the same lies the same situation and once again I pray

Pray for a better day, trying to find

My way out of this love maze

I try to make myself believe it could

Only happen once, why am I in a daze.

Why can't I move on and see the lies that came off your face, why did I believe that you were for me, what I need is to let you free. Our relationship needs to rest in peace. There's no such thing as love

Or caring

Because the love I had for you

Wasnt for you to share

That's why I'm not ever gonna be there

I'm gonna make sure I'm far far away

From you where I should have been from the start. Because this time you won't break my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know who this is to or what I was doing soo..I dunnoo wat to tell ya!!!

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