Cocaine Calling

Do you want to kno the mind inside me

Sick shit that happen, you mother fuckas

Can't believe

Times where I couldn't breathe

Smashing my face into walls

I couldn't fucking see

I've been popping to many ((E))

My brain is gonna explode

After drinking hennisee

I'm sick of alwayz running into the

Same door

I'm sick of chillin with the

Same whores

I'm alwayz in trouble after slamming

Scumbags on the floor

When I come home im feining for an 8ball

I got coke on my mind

Itz calling my name telling me never

To be ashamed, your fathers doing it

He's to blame

White powder is magic it takes

Away pain...thatz my cocaine

Itz insane!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wow...old ass poem n yez I was doin cocaine in da process of writing this!!!!

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