A girl

In 5th grade there was this girl, she always knew she was different, she never gave a shit about anyone in this world. It all started with weed now she is 16 and 6ft under the poor girl is dead. "Once a druggie, dies a druggie" are the words her mother always said. Was she smart enough to say no, did she have anywhere to go. People wondering "where were her parents, did they even care!". Her parents tried to help, they waited for her to wake up, she didn't listen. Now her parents get all these stares. Is it fair that there daughter isn't there? Was it her time to die? She didn't even get the chance to say goodbye she didn't even try. That is one reason why some people didn't cry. She didn't believe in life, she hated the world. She was always depress slicing her wrist with knives. She hardly had a smile on her face she was always putting people in there place knowing everyone is fake. Nobody knew she was sad, she always looked pist complaining how much she hates her dad! She hated everything that surrounds her world, she never trusted a girl. She never trusted anyone she had no one to talk to. Nobody knew what to say or do, everyone begged her to go back to school, but she never listens, that is why she's nowhere, she's gone. People realized she had problems but they didn't see it all. It hurted her family when they got the call! Now they believe it when she said she needed them, she took to many pills she died in school in gym. She tried but she died. Is this what she wanted, is this how she wanted her life to end. Nope the truth is, she wanted someone to talk to someone that can love her, a person she could call a friend!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this in the worst part of my life prolly 15/16 yrs old.....this is prolly my favorite cuz u can picture urself...really realistic!!!

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