This will be the end of you!

All my worries, doubts and wonders, I have finally let go.

For all the memories, for all the times, your out of my life, im just letting you know. Im finally happy again, I won Im always a winner, revenge is a sucker.

You lost and now you know how it is to be hurt, I hope your unhappy mother fucker. I never thought I would forget you, I thought i loved you and need you, But I wished i hated you. When I first saw you again, I realized you wanted me, u wished you and me had never end. I just played you with your best friend, you didnt like seeing that now did you. My dream came true IM OVER YOU! You must feel real dumb when i turned you down.What were you thinking,you think i still care after all that shit you said went around. Besides that you made me feel ugly, you made me feel dumb even low. I took that shit seriously, it built up and caused pain, I felt like a stupid hoe. I finally figured out the real you, Im to good for a scumbag, sucks to be in your position, maybe next time you should make smarter decisions.

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