Guardian Angel

Do you know me like

I know you

Do you see what

People put me through

When I die I promise I will be your

Guardian angel

And protect you from everything.

You won't be able to see me

But ill be with you through anything

The wind that you feel at night sleeping

Is me hugging you tight!

The tickles from your face that you scratch

Is me giving you kisses every night

When your alone you really aren't I'm always there beside you

You won't alwayz think I'm there but

If you pay attention

You could feel my vibe like I feel

You too.

Once I'm gone

I'm gone

You will never see, feel ,smell or hear

Me but

Atleast you would have in mind

That I'm there to

Protect you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A sad story from this but itz a poem for my lil sister...she knows this poem is special it means a lot so don't copy and make it youz cuz ill come n haunt ur ass!!

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