a Man N Problems......f*ck you!!!!

Now that I'm older, mature and sweet I just want a man to knock me off my feet.

Now that I'm nice, have a life and finally look good. I need a man to treat me good like he should.

Now that I'm single I don't want or need a man that has kids all over town, I need a man that knows how to get down.

There's no more of me being ashamed again anymore. I'm sick of wanting a man, when all he wants is a whore.

I don't need all this pain building inside my head. When all is on his head is me in his bed.

All he wants is beers, his boyz and some sex. While I'm home stressed also battling with is crazy ass ex.

But all I really wanted to do is put this in my past..but I deal wit this crap and still my love for him still last.

This poem is just not a poem, its feelings, my feelingz that came from a broken hearted girl. A girl that don't talk about her problems, a girl who is angry and hates most of the world.

Just searching for love from either a girl or boy, just to feel that special energy.

An energy so powerful that can make a frown smile and turn anger into happiness, that's all she needs.

She writes to show people how she feels and make them understand more about her.

So on my heart there's alwayz a space going to be only for you. My heart never lies only beats the truth.....on my mind I know you'll be fine but my feelings will cry because I know in the end you'll never be mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about a guy I still fuckin love for what reasons have nooo clue but I fuckin hate him n still I love himmm.... j.c.

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