Me on many drugs!

When I start Thinking of crazy shit, thats when I realize I do to many drugs that get me stressed out.

When I get high, Its like I have no brain cells left because i have no fucking clue what im talking about.

I stare at all my junkie friends, seeing them getting skinnier and paler we all look dead.

We all dont give a fuck, have no jobs, dont go to school, always in bed.

Its hard to stand on my own 2 feet, I cant even do anything right im too lazy.

All there is to do is chill while being fucked up cause life is bullshit and hard, thinking about it makes me crazy

People who arent like me or do the things i do have no fucking clue how i see things they see what they wanna see.

They wouldnt even give me the chance to speak

They just assume im a druggie and have no feelings, why cant people just listen to me.

Nobody had the mind i had, Nobody seen the shit ive seen, Nobody gives a fuck what i been through.So dont judge me cause im not like you. I wouldnt want anybody to be me. Im not what you think I am, I do give a fuck. Maybe not about you or them but i do care. I care ABOUT all the stares all the rumors, all the bad things said towards me, hurtful things that poeple think i dont care about but i do and ill never show im hurt because thats me and you got to be you, let it be the truth.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this when i was 15 and i was lost in the drug world

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