The other day

Seems like the other day

I was talking to you


Enjoying myself

Hanging out.......

Seems like the other day

I was on the phone with you

You told me you would call back

And you always did

Seems like the other day...

You were here

Pointing out right from wrong

Hug me when you walked out the door

Telling me goodbye



Who would have known you would have left me that night

Who would have known that I would never see you again

Who would have known that I loved you

Who could see it coming?

Who would have known that your soul would fly

Fly away

A eternal goodbye

It's so hard to know your gone....

To know I can never see your face again

Now I wonder

Where would you be now?

All grown up

Handsome as can be

Would you still be the same?

Would you still be by my side?

I would never know....

Your soul didn't survive

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to David

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