Things haven't beem going well

Since you left my side

Times are difficult

Yes they are

Everytime I look at your picture

All the beautiful memories appear

How you were the greatest guy with the biggest heart

How I will never get to see you again

I won't be able to hold you

Communicate with you

Never see your delightful smile

All i do is vision

Imagine things that aren't true

Dream about about what will never come true

You went some where I don't even know

People say it is heaven

I just refuse to believe

You were my drug that pulled me through

You were my aid when I was down

Now you are gone

There is nothing I can do

Nothing can bring you back

Never to return to me

How I am dying to caress your warm face

Even though I can't

I still think about you

I will never forget you

R.I.P David

You are missed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

R.I.P David! I miss you so fuckin much!

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