Distant Love

I miss you dearly

I never thought you would leave

You were the candle of my life

That the icy wind blew away

Why did you have to go now

When I needed you the most

You are suppose to be here

Tell me that you love me

Now you have disapeared

Nothing I can do or say

I just want to go back to that fateful day

Tell you that i love you

Til I pass away

Now that you are gone

All I do is cry

I blame myself  for not being there

You needed me like I need you now

I was too busy being furious

Then to spend my time with you...

So as I stand before your grave

I cry the love I never showed before

Please forgive me

I miss you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My boyfriend was in the hospital, so it inspired me to write this. He didn't die, like I made it seem in this poem. I just wrote it

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