That Girl wont leave my mind

I see this girl walk everyday down my street

Her eyes saddened by the sight

I didnt know what was wrong with her

I saw her every night

Everyday she looks past me like I am thin air

I glare at her hopeing she wil respond to my eyes

She past by me

You can tell she just cried

Wipes away the rushing river tears

I try to say something But i dont speak

She sniffles wipes her face everything was unclear

I approach her so we can meet

She looks at me as I stand

Are you ok?

I grab ahold her hand

She looks at me

Who are you? she turns her face away

I am here to help you through your sturggles

Im sorry i dont know you

She pulls her hand from my firm grip

She walks away fast

Her eyes stil drip

I never find out what was wrong with her

Why does she cry

Why everynight

She keeps on passing by

I try my best to get her attention

She ignores me

I am her wrong selection

I want to help her through her problems

I want to help her solve them

What can I do to make her notice me

I don't her to be like this for eternity

So here I go approach her again

WHo are you?

I want to make your heart mend

She stares at me like i am a mirror

Like I just shocked her with a great terror

Why do you want to help me

I just know that happiness is the key

You don't know me

You wouldn't understand

Why are you crying even before I stand

Please leave me here to die

You don't know why I cry

She trys to move past me


You wont go

Please leave me alone

Let me walk you home

She stops

I was suprised she opened up and spoken

Do you know how to live in a house that is broken

My dead flower face droops down

I stay quiet, i don't make a sound

Thats what I thought you would never understand

You don't know how it is to be abused by a grown man

She walks away

Leaves me there

I just watch her fade away, I stare

One day she wil realize I care

Three months later the police by the lake

It was dark out who out this late?

I run through the violent crowd

The sirens blarin super loud

I see the girl I watched so Long

She says to herself

I hate life

She jumps to the bottom of the water

I hear the shrill crys of her mother

I jump in after her

I dive below

She fell down fast shes at the bottom of the floor

I grab her tiny wrist I pull her back up

I place her on the grass

They look at me

Sorry she


I cry

Knowing I never helped this girl

Now she ended her world

I never knew why

Now she has died

There is nothing I can do

She needed help

She refused to take it

I was stuck in a situation I didnt know what to do

All the help this girl refused

I should have never gave up on her

I should Of kept fighting

If I did

I could have prevented her from dying

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well it rhymes. I dont know I just wrote it

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