finding the truth

Known you for 14 years

but I know you are not who you say you are

Your not that person

I want for a father

Your not even my father

Other say i am mad when i say

I'm adopted

THey say it's a phas

but i know the truth is out there

THat's what sent me on my way

I will find my father

And prove my birth cerrificate wrong

I am on an on going adventure

til the day i succeed

MY father is oout there

And it's not the poor substitute i have

I lost connection with my best friend for this

of trying to find my dad

i am determind

She thinks i am crazy

but when the truth comes out

well see who was right all along!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

after reading "harley like a person" i wrote this poem! i actually hate it!

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