One day

Don't know when

Two cars

Recognized one of the cars

Three friends

All in one car

Four guys

All in the other car

Five o clock in the morning


I Was woken up

I Heard that loud telephone ring

I ignored it completely

I tried to go back to sleep

I kept remembering that dream I had

It wouldn't escape my mind

The telephone rings again

I answer it


Too overwhelmed with tears to talk

What's wrong

What's wrong

I heard nothing but the word


I froze

It was his sister

SHe told me he was shot

IN the back

Just like what happened in my dream



I realize that Is what I saw

It then sinks in that he left my side

My big bro was gone

I weep silently


Never to return

I wasn't there

To help him

I wasnt there for him

Maybe if i was there

TOLD someone about my Dream

HE would still be alive

So today is the day

I remember You left Me Forever

I know now that It wasn't my fault

It wasn't my fault he got shot

I know he loves me

He knows I Love him To death

EVen though he is gone

I still love him and miss him more


So this is what I have to so to you

David my bro


I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In loving memory of David Reyes.
I miss you dude

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