The Nickels and Dimes I Make Each Day

I could try to fix my mouth

But the way I've been treated

My jaws all wired up

And I'm trapped in this barbed wire

I'm over my head

But I'm past it now

Cry or faint when I see the red

But i did this

I put myself behind bars

I made the decision 

To break out

Acne in my psyche 

I need to just pop the question

And kneel to the ground

To accept the fact

The nothing is real

But if I say yes

Will i be happy with this choice forever?

I'm not one to go back on my word

But it's a lot easier when it's spoken

On paper it's almost set in stone.

But forever?

Everything is subject to

And there's always room for


But i wear tight pants

So when I'm digging through the denim

It'll be harder for me to go through it. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Prisoners don't make much money. When you break out .  . . Change is eminent but not easy.

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