Possession (To Show Possession Of What Is Yours)

It's dark in here

It's hard to breathe

Yet I come here everyday. 

I work


very, hard.

I don't think you notice.

Sometimes it's cold in here.

I wear that coat you bought me.

It accents this hard hat well

This hard hat has protected me for a while

But I think I need a new one?

My flashlight is starting to dim.

If you care. . .

If you don't give me batteries

I'll just let it die.


This pick axe

Is heavy on my heart.

I work


Very, hard.

I know you care.

You must .

But can you show me?

Can you show possession of what is yours? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I like to leave the original title for the end. In case people have not yet come to a realization.

Please comment  on any poem :)

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