Ask Me What I Want

I fantasize that one day

you would look into my eyes and say

“Baby, I will do anything to please you.

What do you want?”


And I would say

“For you to explore my body

and find my spots.

All of them.


And to be caressed so lightly

that only the tips of my hairs

knew that you had touched me.


For you to take your time.



Making sure that my every pore

had been anointed

dipped in your juice.


That you would lick me

and rub the head of  your dick

right on my love knot

until I couldn’t stand it anymore

and beg to be relieved.


And then, for just a split second

linger there


at my gate

and s-l-o-w-l-y inside.



Workin’ it, baby.”

Today, that is.

Ask me again tomorrow.

My moods change.

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