The Wrunged Man.......and i answered him


I am ready for sleep in this rare deep black hour

I am ready but she calls out… my white tower.

So I tap the one source for the power to wield.

I ask for the words that shall steal a heal.


I have already seen the story of Christ, was there at first view.

I heard all the angels singing for what would soon be brand new.

I wandered the lands of the great Babylonian king

And wept when the serpent first learned how to sing.


I know of dreamers and task masters and the promises of the morn

I have already heard the distant call of Arch angel Gabriel’s horn.

The battle’s unfolding, warriors in many disguises

Only lifting up rocks for more golden surprises.


There have been kings and fools and magicians on this stage.

Jesters, poets and temptresses that role through the age.

There have been soldiers and mystics and masters with out of sight treats

And an encyclopedia of myth born creatures schooled in unfathomable feats.


Moon Maidens and black widow witches each too have their clones.

I may not know their full story but they all end in bones.

Yes each new illustrious evolution weaves in the mix.

Some new distant glimmering to enlighten life’s fix.


I have felt the free reign of nothing holding me down

And came back to find rich treasures littering the ground.

The gift is this life, the moment is now.

God is silver spoon, wooden fork and good old brown cow.


That which you yearn for is an eternal quest, time but a blink.

If you stand far too high even the clouds seem to sink.

It is just a play, choose your own role be it guy or be it gal.

What I know is there has never before been an AL.


I like what I’ve seen, that I hard struggle my fight.

I like that few could stand up to such plight.

I am free will; I am love and a thread of black hate.

I am given the right to choose my own fate.


Yes it hurts and it drags and it seems timely drudge

But looking for short cuts seems to summon the judge.

If no outcome is willed no outcome is built

With no commitment to bear what flowers will wilt.


I am mercy and lust and finest wrought rage.

I am the will of the ancients that bends the bars of this cage.

I like the contradictions, hypocrisies and puzzle paradoxes

A counter balance to keep great things from small boxes.


I like not knowing what will happen by noon.

I like when my heart gets turned by the moon.

I am pure fire thrice over and maybe a tad more there than here.

A wild card in a deck of absolutes that isn’t always clear.


I may be a Gollum or an Aragorn King.

Perhaps simply a steadfast Sam who has already passed back the ring.

But these are told tales some elements we share.

Yet unwritten remain rich chapters to dare.


If you are waiting for divine guidance from realms above.

You will miss all the laughter you’ve been dreaming of.

You are all that you haply free forged of low beast and high god.

Its both chaos and order that are plainly even and odd.


I feel your confusion as new choices prevail,

Afraid of rusty anchors, hard winds but no sails.

But the moon turns and the tides are new stirred.

But in the face of long struggle comes the shape of the cure.


Couldn’t a journey to somewhere begin at the dawn

Knowing the universe will catch us, or our wits be the brawn.

We are free spirits being fed man’s ghostly folk stories.

Addicted to old myths as we lose our own glories.


Hurry away to your wondrous tomorrow

Hurry away from the hardship and sorrow

My heart and my soul may take a strange shape in your head.

Respect has long fallen as you already figure me dead.


So my dreams are mist that have touched not a soul

My dreams are no gift but an empty black hole

No evidence of my passing as I am painted a fool

Find you no proof of a soul that is cooler than cool.


You were always a light shower, with storm and pizzazz

Trust me by now you are still all that jazz.

We were horizon’s mating of a universe to come,

But the virtue of patience comes quickly undone.


So Dreams are born from the craft Alchemy

An insane fate-filled choice with no written guaranty

I have all the keys and you all the locks.

Do we open the heavens or scatter the flocks.



Tide to shore is but a very old war of two armies in silent violent reunion. Man paints in the armor and swords and judges the winds of rushing hate, but it is merely a single wave accompanied by the sound of sighing snake as fire meets wood.

And I answer him...

Your black tower calls in my brightest hour

Pleading out to keep my OWN power

Whispering come back, by illusionary love be subdued

But I know in that place I will not be renewed

So I raise my shield and stand in what's real

Protecting myself from all that you feel

Raw emotion that churns your mind like a wheel

As it plots how to keep my heart it would steal

I too there wept, at the glory of He,

And sang with the angels to set Him free,

As hung He there dying on that cross,

For the sins of the world, as we cried for our loss

I have kept slaves in bondage, as Queen of the Nile

Was there at the start, to see Adam smile

Tasted the fruit that the serpent did offer

And carried the weight of blame, for why all men suffer

Yes my love, the Quest is eternal,

And to it were bound, the urge calls supernal

The moment is now, there is no other

My sweet, sweet man, my dear lifetime lover,

Indeed God is all, oh yes God is One

Yet in so many sights, He still seems undone

So how can I rest, go off to star in some play

When so many sisters and brothers cry on this day

How can I lay my sword on the ground

Walk away from the fight, when in my heart its been found

The cause that rings true, and in my soul cries

The one that brings tears of joy to my eyes

The time is now, the time for might

To stand up and shout, this is what's right

To love one another, not to each make our own mark

For that path is separate, alone in the dark

It is in truth

This song I must follow

My once in a lifetime love

For all else is holl

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