You lift my gown, I start

to shiver

You part my legs, I sigh

and quiver

I smile and whisper,

"Now my love"

As you straddle me

from above

Wet softness greets swollen


Anticipation mounts, ahhhh it

feels good

Sheathed deep within my

creamy tunnel,

You lift my hips and start

to pummel

My shaking legs grip 'round

to hold

Impaled, stretched tight, I rock

your pole

With abandon, wildly fucking,

on we go

Ahhh darling, how we "love it"


(My Clit Swells, I Reach My Peak!!!)

Waves of release clench hard


How could this "joy" be thought

a sin?

Release and squeeze you...

I do tightly

I would we couple ever...


You ride me hard, I sense


As my pussy grips your

torch of fire

Overwhelmed, you thrust, oh, so deep

Bursting seed for me

to keep

My silky chamber milks

lava cream

So rich and pure, I

want to scream!

My pussy, soaked full and


My heartbeat joyfully


So now dearest husband, friend

and lover

I must have time to rest...


A part of you, now deep within

so sweet, so delicious

so right

Until our next "joining" my

precious love

I bid you a contented

good night!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love Always,Devoted  Friend and Lover

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