How I Love Him So


Precious in His eyes,

That is what I want to be,

Always looking up, For my Hope, I see,

I may never be, much in your eyes,

But God sees me as His own,

And He always guides my life,

When I was young, I acted so cruel,

So many times, played the fool,

But as I continued on,

The older I became,

I saw that nothing really mattered much,

My life was not my own !

My life was in His hands,

The past that bothered me,

Slowly seems to fade away,

The things that I use to do,

He some how changes to "His good,"

Living for Him, going slow,

Trying to be at the right place,

To help a living soul,

Listening to my heart,

Obeying His command,

It really does get easier,

The days all come and go,

Melting in His precious love,

Oh how I Love Him so !

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