I search inside myself

To find out who I am

The journey is confusing

I never had a plan

I just began without a map

Searching this empty ground

The endless highway

of wilderness

Nothing could be found

Rivers I found

so many to cross

Filled up with all my tears

Sadness brought gray clouds

Through the painful years

Darkness inside is all I see

on this journey, I make

No laughter, joy or sunshine

to take away heartache

Along this road I travel

to find out who I am

One short stop

along the way

I found you,

My Special Man

You had the map

to help me through

Guided with gentle care

You built the bridges

to go across the rivers

of despair

All along the highway

Once a desolate, lonely ground

I look inside and see now

That beauty can be found

You chased away the darkness

You brought the light of day

You took away the heartache

No longer clouds of gray

Now on this journey

of who I am

I have a secret place

It's yours alone,

I hold you there

with my heart's embrace

I don't need a map

I close my eyes

I know right were you are

I keep you safe

within my heart

You're never very far

So, My Love,

when you feel lost

and know not what to do

Reach into

your very own heart

I'm also there with you.

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