My Heart is Missing You!!!


When you are gone

I feel so alone

I miss you dear

when you are not here

You make my day

Like when the sun shines in May

I need to see your smile

and I wish I could see it more then just once in a while

You are such delight

and add joy to my nights

I want you to know what you mean to me

and oh.. I hope that you can see

My heart is missing you

and I wonder... do you miss me to?

I hope that you do

because I know I miss you!!

I always hope you are ok, and nothing is wrong

When will I see you again.. oh I hope it won't be long!

I need to know that you care

and that no matter what you will always be there

Remember this is for you, my friend

and to you I will send

So keep it close to you heart

and if you do, we will never part.

My heart is missing you!!

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