Our Bodies Moving

I feel you around me like fire in my soul

I long to be in your arms to drink from you

To quell the burning

You consume me wholly

More than mere passion

Already I'm addicted to your scent

And your intoxicating kiss

The burning gives way to throbbing

The frantic fiery beat

Of the heart in my chest that belongs to you

Your voice rings in my ear,

Even as your breath lingers in my soul

My breast quivers remembering your touch

The swell of my hip seems to fit your palm so well

My thigh rides your waist as two pieces of a puzzle

In the darkness your tongue finds mine and there is light

Electricity flares as your skin meets mine

And the world fades away and there is nothing

Only this throbbing


Pounding since the beginning of time

Our bodies moving in time to the rhythm of our


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