Your fingers lightly brush over my body

Feeling my every curve

Feeling my body quiver under your touch

Your mouth meets with mine in a kiss

Our tongues finding one another

Probing, feeling and exploring

Your voice whispers in my ear

Making my body tingle all over

I feel myself surrendering

You gaze deeply into my eyes

And I gaze right back at you, smiling

Knowing what I want so badly...YOU

You read my mind so well

And without a single spoken word

We are making sweet love all night long

Our bodies intertwining together

Becoming one and exploring new territory

Feelings that were never felt before this night

We are breathing heavy and sweating

Moving together so perfectly

Our hearts beating as one

In an almost rhythmic dance

With each thrust the moans get louder

Finally coming to a wonderful climax

You hold me tightly to your chest

Running your fingers through my hair

We fall asleep in each others arms

And dream sweet dreams about our

First night togetherblack lace

our hearts race

in your eyes an everlasting shine

take me down with a long passionate kiss

as you undo my bra

deliberately going slow

making me happy only

keeping your shiny eyes on me

strokes long and slow

in your eyes that certain glow

running my hands all over your chest and face

aside is black lace

a sheet of sweat I feel on your skin

as you move slowly deep within

moans and your name deep with pleasure

this is something always to treasure

lovemaking to the final T

you make it good always for me

then your body lay still on top of me

we have reached pure ecstacy

black lace I let you possess

to remind you of our closeness

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