IT'S A SHAME (Erotic)

It's a shame we can't get together.

Oh, how I'd love to share,

My fantastic dreams with you!

Dreams of you holding me,

So close, in your loving arms.

Dreams where you tenderly kiss me,

While you whisper love words in my ear.

Just can't wait to feel your nude body,

So close, pressing against me.

I feel your breath upon my face.

So tenderly, you caress me.

Never ever, in a hurry,

So our passion can slowly build up.

I feel feathery fingers, stroking my face,

Then, my sensitive neck, my shoulders.

Then my hard nippled breasts.

Pausing long enough to kiss each one.

The caresses and kisses proceed downward,

Where two more lips are wanting to be kissed,

And are hungriy waiting to welcome you,

Into their chamber of love..

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