Love Dress

Funny Poems

The early days of wedded bliss

Held passion wild, untamed;

but with the passing of the years

This lusty fervor waned.

"We'll have to find a cure to stem

This indolence within,"

She thought, and then devised a plan

Her husband's warmth to win.

When he returned from work next day

And opened his front door,

Beheld his wife in naked pose,

He balked at what he saw.

"Good grief!" he cried, "Have you gone mad?

Are you in some distress?"

"My dear," she said, "look closer here,

For this is my Love Dress."

He gazed upon her naked form

Then took her in his arms,

Transferred her to the bedroom where

He yielded to her charms.

Their days took on a renewed glow

Now love had been revived;

She thought she'd tell her mother how

The marriage had survived.

"I wonder," mused her mother's mind,

"Would it be such a crime

To try inject excitement in

A marriage past its prime?"

Next day her hubby went to golf,

Came home a trifle sore;

He'd been in bunkers, in the rough:

A game one would deplore.

He climbed the stairs, the door flung wide,

He stood aghast with shame

To see the body of his wife

Quite starkers fill the frame.

"You stupid woman! Lost your mind?

Where is your modesty?"

"My dear, surprise! Look twice; this is

My Love Dress, can't you see?"

"Why, yes I can, and I concede

You've tried, without a doubt;

But I'd have thought the wrinkles, dear,

You would have ironed out!"

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