The Lovers

The sun went down and above the town

The sky became deep blue;

A meeting made, above the glade

Between these special two.

Atop the hill with wind so still

No better was a place

For them to meet, their hearts a-beat,

With love upon each face.

Their lips then met but with deep regret

She slowly shed a tear,

For downright sad and somewhat bad

Was what he had to hear.

His soul went dead 'ere a word was said

He knew what she would say;

'Twould break his heart, yet from the start

They knew love would not stay.

From his glancing eye and sombre sigh

She knew he knew her news.

It could not last, their time had past,

She stated both their views.

"It can not be," she said to he,

A lump within her throat,

"We know it now - I'm but a cow

And you a billy-goat!"

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