Love And Hate

Sometimes I stop and wonder

what I saw in you

Was it in your gentle smile?

or simplicity in the things you do

You always were so calm and kind

so rare it, seems today

You didn't mind being different

or the opinions of what others had to say

I found myself attracted to you

the moment that we met

The way you made me smile

I never will forget

My friends thought I was crazy

but it was love at first sight

and my heart lead me to believe

you were Mr. Right

All of my illusions

I made up in my mind

Were so far from truth

but I couldn't see it at the time

It wasn't easy being so close

yet, so very far away

Not knowing how you felt

kept me in bondage every day

I kept you in my prayers, constantly,

In hopes that you would see

Just how much I cared for you

and maybe one day, you could care for me

One day my prayers were answered

you said, you would like to try

You thought we be good together

I should have known it was a lie

I guess I was just another toy,

a game you liked to play

I wish I had known sooner

you never planned to stay

All the empty promises

you lead me to believe

How could I be so foolish

and so easily deceived

I wish I would have known

you needed to be free

But you're the one who stole my heart

and now you hold the key

My dreams became a nightmare

the way it had to end

You left without discussing it

I found out from a friend

How could you live with yourself?

knowing what you did

You didn't act like a man

you acted like a kid

Running from the truth

was the easy thing to do

I wish you had the courage to be honest

to gently tell me... we were through

I guess I've come to realize

that love is a fairy tale

No matter how I've tried

I always seem to fail

Why do some win at love?

and others always lose

Is it just that I'm unlucky

of the men I seem to choose

I think this time

I'll stay by myself

and take my broken heart

and put it on a shelf

Now no one can break it

or try to steal the key

Of the broken pieces

of a heart... that once was free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope you will never find happiness in your life.(bustard)

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