If I Told You...


If I told you I loved you,

     would you push me away?

     Or would you let me fall into your arms,

     where, forever, I would stay?

     If I told you I needed you,

     would you feel the same?

     Could you let me need you everyday,

     forever and eternally?

     If I told you I hated you,

     would you believe the words I say?

     Would you turn your back on me

     and leave me alone to pray?

     If I told you I was crying,

     would you be right by my side,

     to put your arms around my shoulders

     until the feelings pass me by?

     If I told you everything,

     could you still feel the same?

     Now that you know exactly who I am,

     would you still be mine to claim?

     If I told you...

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