Meeting You

Love And Hate

I passed you by in the crowded hall,

You turned to look my way.

My unspoken name I wanted you to call,

Your presence made me feel there was nothing to say.

You brushed my shoulder, I turned to the side.

You have no idea of the longing I felt inside.

I looked in your eyes, all my fears melted away.

I had great expectations when I met you that first day.

You gave me something that was so hard to find.

How was I to know that hurting me was all you had in mind?

You led me on in such a harsh, cruel way,

Deep inside I knew my love for you would always stay.

You hurt me more than I could ever explain,

I never knew a person could feel this much pain.

Overreacting?!  You don't understand,

When I think of you I remember holding your hand.

When I think back to that very first night,

I wanted everything to be just right.

I was so insecure, I relied on you,

The only thing you did was make me feel blue.

I assumed you would always hold me tight,

I assumed you would make everything in my world right.

When I reached my highest point you made me fall,

Now that I think about it, you don't deserve me at all.

It hurt me so bad when you looked at her,

Why I ever loved you... is all a blur.

Now with my tears I have to go,

How I'm feeling inside- you'll never know.

Even though you hurt me when I loved you true,

I can't make myself regret meeting you.

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