A True Friend

What are Best friends for

Is the question you amy ask

It's mostly alot of fun

But, sometimes it's the hardest task

On the upside there's love

I got your back

You got mine

For eternity til the end of Time

The automatic shoulder

When you need a good cry

Your automatic talk machine

To make the bad times fly

You know

they are only a phone call away

Your favorite picker-upper

on a cold, rainy day

They are always the gossip column

to tell you waht you missed

since you had the flu and all

Who got in a fight, who got kissed

The Best thing though

About BF's and all

They don't care about popularity

blue-eyed, brown-eyed, short, or tall

They see you

For what you are

Best freinds will go the dsitance

No matter how far

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