Scarlet Season...................


With you, I rediscovered how

Autamn moves through

the deep canyons,

and how tall grasses stir

beneath the wind's caress.

You've made me crace moist kisses

over every inch of my flesh.

And when i dream about you,

I can almost feel the

gentle glide of your silken fingertips along

every curve and lobe.

The same way that

the Indian summer

leaves a touch of crimson

upon the maples,

you've left a fiery blush

upon my flesh.

And i tremble as i think

of your taste and touch.

Under the warmth of your fingers,

My senses open up to

a scarlet season

where passion is in bloom.

Thankyou, my love.

It pleases me to know

that you're thinking

about me today.

Your thoughtfulness

is part of the reason

why I love you.

Every second that

we're apart,

I just can't stop

dreaming of you.

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