Betrayal Of The Heart

Love And Hate

You shattered my hopes and dreams

in mere moments...

This leaving me without

any reason is what you want...

And makes you happy,

You were my one, my only true love.

Because I love you, I will

give up my one chance at happiness for you,

as I would have did anything for you.

You never let me say...Goodbye, or was it that day, I left to go home,

was to be my last memories of you...

My heart is broken and empty

and the best part of me and my soul,

is gone forever with you.

All I have left is questions

as my tears are gone, thus

too a part of my will to live.

I live not to love again,

You will be the only one ever for me.

But, to endure and suffer

through this memory of you, never to forget.

As you forgot your promises to me,

saying you truly loved me.

Yet, doesn't true love never fail?

I don't know where I go from here,

how to believe from thinking, our children to be,

now that will never be...

To a discarded piece of trash

that you feel no human decency to.

Only a complete betrayal of the heart

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