Abudance of Love (erotic

Love Letter

abundance of love we feel so deep

our eyes meet with passion

our bodies glide each other complete

abundance of love our hearts and souls

into every caress and groove

liking what we do enjoying the depth

of care in everything we do

abundance of love time does slowly pass us by

oblivious to everything only loving what we feel inside

positions so intimate numerous done with tenderness

as our bodies intertwine

you giving your love and I giving you mine

where we are is total paradise such contentment deep

our love is mutual we feel unconditional love complete

silently we love we do not vocalize a word in our intimacy

we read each others eyes so well and hear so clearly

smooth you feel as I wrap around you so very tight

you smile at me your pleasure is shone so bright

circling inside of me your hips draw my moans so low

liking it here in each others arms this loving so very slow

who you are who I am we love both out and in

smoothness your body is as you also touch my skin

surrounded in loves circle an infinity

our love will forever live just like the stars with an endless shine

savoring the tenderness your body close to mine

ecstacy will always live forever staying in you and me

the way we made love together our deep intimacy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

passionate men and women out there who care alot and ones who sacrifice their lives for others too

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