Cyber Thieves.......

Love Letter

When will I ever learn to think with my head, and not my heart?,

This I should have know, long before I let the feelings start.

Oh, but yet again, my hearts been racked with pain,

Will I ever learn, that within the world of cyber it's all just a game?

People play with your feelings, they always say what you need to hear,

They strip you of your emotions, and all that you hold dear.

In that great cyber world when you're vulnerable, this they always see,

When will I see through all this, and hide from them the real true me?

But, I'm always truthful, which in the end just causes me pain,

Why do they always hurt me?, What's in it for their gain?

Hopefully, one day it will happen to them,and then they'll surely see,

When they really care for someone, just how painful that can be.

I feel like such a fool for letting these faceless people get to me,

For feeling such intense feelings, for someone I'll never even see.

How was I to know that showing emotion was such a deadly sin?

But in the world of cyber, I've been burned yet once again..............

But, from this day forward, I turn over a whole new leaf,

I'm gonna play with them and steal their hearts just like a petty thief.

Then I'll just sit back and laugh, when they start to feel the pain,

I'll just disappear from their lives, then they'll never feel the same.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all of the faceless people in Cyber Space who play games......One day the shoe will be on the other foot and you'll see how it feels.......

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